For the January 2015 issue of MR Magazine, we decided the time was right for a focused special section on UK menswear. With the expansion of London Collections: Men, and Fashion East, Topman, and The British Fashion Council supporting an almost alarming number of new menswear designers, the UK’s menswear moment is now.

Arriving in London Gatwick on Friday morning, we went straight to work. Appointments at leading PR agencies Starworks, Village, and Exposure among others yielded a menswear mountain of clothes by British brands. Heritage staples like Aquascutum, Burberry, and Johnstons of Elgin alongside contemporary designers like Johnathan Saunders, Agi & Sam, and Craig Green.

The winter sun in London is wonderful. It arcs low across the sky, never reaching right overhead which casts all except for a few midday hours in a dusky twilight. Sun sets early though, so an early start along the banks of the Thames. The Docklands of  East London, where remnants of the old shipping industry remain and Victorian cobbled streets border clusters of skyscrapers set the perfect stage to capture UK Style.