Founded in 2009, Illesteva glasses have established themselves as one of the most coveted eyewear brands in America. Handmade in France and Italy with the some of the world’s leading manufactures of luxury eyewear, Illesteva combines classic styles with contemporary downtown New York City aesthetics.

These aesthetics are showcased in their first retail store at 49 Prince Street in SoHo, New York.

The 500 square foot flagship will carry all of the brand’s signature items, including optical glasses,sunglasses, bags and umbrellas and maintains a wide price point, with items ranging from $177 to $950.

All displays are custom made in Brooklyn by furniture designer Kurt Schwartzbauer. The vintage window display eye chart is an original piece from 1923. The store’s minimalist design is inspired by travel. The wood displays are inspired by the interiors of ski lodges and custom Riva Boats recall the 1960s in the Mediterranean.

In celebration of the new Illesteva store opening, designers Daniel Silberman and Justin Salguero created a Halloween inspired sunglasses style. The Frieda Clip-On with Metal Mirrored Lenses is a limited edition frame meant for optical glasses and features a removable, mirrored clip-on. The Clip-On has a customized screen-printed wink design.