This shoot by Paola Kudacki for 25 Magazine is pretty close to our heart, and has served as inspiration for shoots of our own. We met the stylist Michael Philouze at a dinner thrown by Maguire Steele for the launch of Odin’s latest eyewear collaboration, and he was a doll. An awesome conversation early in the evening with one half of Odin’s founders Paul Biardi, seemed like it might be the highlight; he’s as warm a fashion industry insider as you could ever hope to meet, but on seating, with Megan Maguire on one side, and Michael on the other, the evening was a joy. Further, model Greg Remmey, a friend first, but one who we have also had the pleasure of working with on more than one occasion is also in this shoot with as many clothes on as he should ever have. All these ties, coupled with the location, Pier 59, which we have strong personal ties with (one half of our team was the booker there early on in his career), and here is a shoot we had to show you.

Photographer: Paola Kudacki
Stylist: Michel Philouze
Talent: Aline Weber, Greg Remmey, Nicola Wincenc, Antonio at Fusion