We couldn’t remember the name of this Tokyo-based magazine. We own every issue but the name escaped, so we visited favorite New York book store, Kinokuniya. Their flagship store is opposite Bryant Park, and it almost seems like some independent who will likely be swallowed up any minute by the corporate chains that have sprung up around it. But Kinokuniya Bookstore is in fact one of the largest bookstore chains in Japan, from humble beginings in a 2-story wooden building in the Shinjuku district of Japan. I tried to find the name online, but Commonsense Man was absent from every story I scanned on Japanese men’s fashion books. Perhaps it’s still a bit of a secret.

Well, I got the issue, and found the story I was looking for: a fashion editorial with one main credit above all others: ‘photos, fashion & model_Pharrell Williams’. Not only are ‘all items by Billionaire Boys Club – Beeline’, but they are modeled by Pharrell, and Pharrell takes the pictures. You can see the clicker in his hand in each shot. Pharrell Williams in Commonplace Man: A multi-task master class.