I was going to call this article ‘Life Inside A Box’, and while that would technically be accurate, it sounds too much like some harrowing HBO documentary about kidnap, or third-world poverty, or…life in New York City?

Anyway, we recently took a trip to Oceanside in Oregon, and rented what was described as a pre-fab house. Now, pre-fab is normally something associated with those cookie cutter suburban communities where every house is exactly the same, but this wasn’t one of those twee wooden homes with a white picket fence. This home was designed.

Assembled with two 14′ x 50′ modules by Stratford Homes and designed by a firm called Alchemy Architects, this prefab house was modern dwelling excellence. We recognized  some elements of the interior though: an Ikea kitchen and West Elm accents among others, that strongly suggest this house was not as expensive to build as it might seem. Shipping containers and the like are quite cheap in the raw. You can buy some for a few thousand bucks. Throw in a $5,000 kitchen and a couple of $3,000 bathrooms, and you should be on your way.

But these houses cost a fair few bob more than that: inexpensive materials plus a hefty premium for the design idea? But nonetheless the result is awesome and despite a few gripes, if we had a plot of land and a few hundred grand, this might be one way we would go.

*After some quick research, it looks like Costa Rican home companies will whip you up a shipping container home for about $40,000.

Maybe it’s time to move to Costa Rica…