Swimwear on South Beach

Miami is certainly something. It always seems synonymous with loose-fitting white suits, ghetto gold, and well, Pitbull. But South Pointe Park at the very southern tip of South Beach is like an oasis amongst the frozen margaritas and the boom box boys, and Swimwear on South Beach seems like a million miles away.

Two things in Miami make it perfect for a swimwear shoot: the sun and the Miami models. Maybe it’s the muscle men at the fitness parks along the beach, or maybe it’s just knowing you’ll spend a solid percentage of your time in a swimsuit. Whatever, Miami models are super fit, and must surely look their best in as few clothes as appropriate. There were no crew on this shoot. No hair and make up, no wardrobe, no assistants on set; just me, with a Canon camera and a big bag of swimsuits. And two models.

Swimwear on South Beach.

It is a hard, hard life.