Well Dressed Men: Mitsu Tsuchiya

Mitsu loAs senior men’s market editor of Nylon Guys, Mitsu Tsuchiya is in a position to influence the way men dress today. His personal style trickles onto each issue’s pages, and we caught up with him in SoHo to find out more.

Why do you dress up?
I dress up to express my personal style. I wear a lot of pullovers and t-shirts, paired with nice pants. When purchasing a new item for my wardrobe, I keep it simple and classic but I definitely invest in good-quality items that last long and I can wear forever.

How do you define modern dressing?
Classic and simple mixed with a trendy element like a pair of designer sneakers or a trendy color or print.

Who are your style icons?
I’m always inspired by street style. Growing up in Japan, I was constantly looking at street style magazines. I’d get ideas and incorporate them in my own way.

Where do you shop for suits/dressier clothing?
I like Topman suits, Theory trousers and Brunello Cuccinelli shoes.

Do you follow any rules for dressing up?
Yes, look for items that fit your body type. I’m short, so fitted clothes are a must. Otherwise, I’d look wider and shorter! People have told me that I look taller than my real height because of how I dress, so I’m succeeding!

How can we get more American men to dress up?
More men are paying attention to their everyday wardrobes, and how they can dress for different occasions. As an editor, I try to incorporate styling tips in what I showcase in the magazine. I want guys to have a better understanding of what looks good and for it to make sense to them.

Do you have a favorite/lucky suit?
A navy Topman blazer and matching pants. Navy is my go-to color.