Z Zegna Show at Pitti Uomo SS15


Yesterday night, it was Pitti Uomo guest designer Z Zegna’s turn to put on a show, and put on a show they did. In the Stazione Leopolda, floor to celing capsules held veiled displays of SS15 product, and invited attendees wandered the vast space drinking ice cold Prosecco, eating excellent hors d’oeuvres and anticipating the 8 o’clock performance.

As the lights dimmed, a big screen cast a blue light across the space, and the Z Zegna show at Pitti began. Models walked, displaying a collection that clearly confirmed the company’s merging of their sports and sportswear labels. As if that weren’t enough, and it would have been, the lights in the stazione blacked out as the last model turned the corner behind a back-lit screen.


When the lights behind the screen burst back, a team of athletes danced and tumbled around a framework of metal bars and platforms in a Parkour-style display, wearing the collection. Putting the pieces though their paces would be an understatement here, and while the attention to tailoring was still very much Zegna, the performance injection was explicitly clear.

You can (and you should) check out the video HERE.